Physician’s Weekly Maximizes Advertising Effectiveness Through Data Driven Insights Derived from Proprietary IMPACT Data Platform
September 13, 2023

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dozens of pharmaceutical brands now rely on the Physician’s Weekly (PW) IMPACT data platform for actionable insights to inform their advertising decisions and help better strategize product positioning for increased return on investment. PW’s proprietary platform is elevating the company’s partnerships with pharma brands and agencies by leveraging real world data, artificial intelligence (AI), and first-party data on healthcare provider (HCP) and patient behavior across the largest subscribed point-of-care (POC) network.

The IMPACT platform is a new powerful data engine that ensures pharmaceutical brands can maximize PW’s unique dual reach to HCPs and patients at the POC. The platform provides diagnosis behavior, prescribing behavior, and social determinants of health (SDoH) among patients, and competitive intelligence assessments—all direct contributors to driving brand growth and gaining market share. The technology helps brands identify and quantify strategically relevant HCPs, patients, or both in PW’s networks using the company’s first-party data, claims data, and real-world medical events. This allows brands to prioritize and tailor their outreach and messaging.

“The response we’ve seen is tremendous. Clients, regardless of their level of data sophistication, truly appreciate the additional insights PW provides, which reinforces PW’s dedication to the success of their campaigns across our network,” said Joe Marziani, Chief Revenue Officer of Physician’s Weekly. “Relevancy is key to driving engagement and brands require their campaigns to be smarter, more strategic, and more effective than ever. Our new inflight and post-campaign measurement capabilities help brands evaluate the impact of their campaigns and optimize their targeting and messaging.”

Through PW’s focus on the data platform, the number of successful use cases across brands’ lifecycles and specialties continues to grow. For example, the IMPACT platform can benchmark competitive sets for brands to craft and deploy relevant messaging. It can also build DE&I-driven marketing approaches by identifying key SDoH that helps ensure creative messaging is relevant to the patient audience. PW’s new in-house measurement capability supports such use cases by providing performance feedback and continued product optimization.

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