Formedics Establishes Digital Hub OncWeekly to Connect Healthcare Professionals and Brands With the Latest in Oncology
July 10, 2024

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., July 10, 2024 – Formedics, a healthcare media company with a dynamic healthcare professional (HCP) engagement and marketing platform, today announced the launch of OncWeekly, its first specialty-specific digital property to go live since the parent company’s inception. OncWeekly focuses on the future of cancer care by providing seamless access to top-rated cancer trials, oncology research, relevant news for clinicians, and hyper-focused oncology content alignment for brands.

OncWeekly, a single source of accessible and actionable information for HCPs, highlights emerging voices in next-generation cancer care and leverages peer-to-peer interactions through robust digital resources. The digital property features a clinical trial database displayed in an intuitive snapshot format to support trial recruitment while contextually relevant articles appear in the same consolidated view.

“The Formedics audience has more than 15,000 identified HCPs across the oncology workforce including oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, and nurses,” said Chief Executive Officer of Formedics Greg Jackson. “We want to offer them and our brand partners a cohesive experience that focuses on the future of clinical trials, diagnosis, treatment, and the peer voices dedicated to addressing inequities across the full spectrum of cancer care.”

OncWeekly’s content strategy, developed in consultation with cancer care providers on oncology’s front lines, centers on advancing HCP collaboration and diversity in clinical trials:

  • Foster HCP network engagement: OncWeekly taps into partner site Figure 1’s established HCP peer-to-peer collaboration capabilities to encourage scientific exchange, share insights, and collaborate on the challenging cases confronting oncology.
  • Address diversity barriers: Black or African American and Hispanic or Latino patients comprise less than 5% of oncology clinical trials, a statistic disproportionate to cancer diagnoses among the same patient populations. OncWeekly supports efforts to improve representation and outcomes for diverse patient populations by partnering with experts in oncology.

For brands, OncWeekly offers competitive differentiation in a saturated oncology market with access to deep content verticals covering more than 35 cancer types. Brands need OncWeekly to reach the emerging generation of HCPs who are younger, more diverse, and shaping future oncology treatment options. Early-career HCPs can amplify brand messaging and activate reach exponentially due to their already established social networks of HCP peers that trust them. Through OncWeekly’s audience and the capabilities of Formedics’ other properties, Physician’s Weekly and Figure 1, brands can now align their messaging with immersive oncology content that increases brand exposure and favorability.

OncWeekly provides precision marketing for precision medicine,” said Chief Revenue Officer of Formedics Joe Marziani. “Brands that need to reach targeted oncologists can do so through highly engaging content verticals to showcase their oncology portfolio with messaging across the site.”

About Formedics, LLC

Formedics, LLC is the new parent company of Physician’s Weekly, Figure 1, and OncWeekly delivering groundbreaking AI technology that harnesses data insights and peer connections yielding revolutionary healthcare education and engagement for pharmaceutical and life science brands. For more information, please visit us at

Source: Formedics