Figure 1 Launches New Podcast They Don’t Teach That in Nursing School
October 27, 2023

They Don’t Teach That in Nursing School, a new podcast from Figure 1 launching in early November, is all about how nurses think.

In this miniseries, real nurses will provide unique practical solutions to some of the most challenging problems nurses face — from learning how to operate a ventilator during the height of COVID to dealing with an attending physician who’s a bully. The podcast will share secrets of the trade from nurses, doctors, medical researchers — all the professionals nurses wish they could consult with but rarely have the time or opportunity to. Listeners will gain wisdom and be better equipped to respond to all the unpredictable stuff that gets thrown at them.

They Don’t Teach That in Nursing School will be hosted by Connie Levie, RN. After 16 years in the nuclear medicine department, Connie was ready for a change. COVID had just hit and she saw her nurse friends struggling. To help out, she decided to go to nursing school and today, Connie is a surgical nurse.

The four-episode miniseries will follow in the footsteps of the award-winning DDx podcast, with each episode being no more than 15 minutes. In each episode nurses will gain practical advice, clinical lessons, and inspiration to resolve a specific challenge — elevating their practice and improving their job satisfaction.

Episode 1: When Generic Symptoms Turn Serious will answer how to know when generic symptoms are masquerading as something serious.

Episode 2: Trusting Your Gut will answer what to do if you know something is wrong with a patient, but don’t have the data to back it up.

Episode 3: Critical Learning on the Job will answer when it’s okay to admit that you don’t know how to do something.

Episode 4: When the Doctor is the Bully will answer what to do when your attending physician is a bully.

They Don’t Teach That in Nursing School will be available in the DDx feed from wherever you get your podcasts beginning in early November.

Source: Figure1